Student Senate discusses College GameDay and homecoming


The Student Senate met this Tuesday, February 10 at the Hughes-Trigg forum to discuss its weekly agenda. Among the news shared at the meeting, ESPN’s College GameDay is coming to SMU this Valentine’s Day and Homecoming will be held earlier this year to help celebrate the University’s 100th birthday on Sept. 24th.

Many of the Student Senate members were pleased with the outcome that College GameDay has chosen to visit SMU for the first time in the University’s history. The only problem with the exciting news is that it falls on the same weekend as Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, and the event is at 8 a.m., a slightly early hour for students to show so much enthusiasm.

The conflict may result in fewer students in Moody Coliseum, which some worry will reflect poorly of our school spirit for the GameDay cameras.

Despite the concerns, the Student Senate members felt confident that they will be able to rally up some support for maximum media coverage.

David Hamner, a Cox student senator didn’t seem phased by the early wake up call, “I’m sure students will wake up early to represent our school. I think there will be more than enough of us in town to cheer on the team.”

Others were also excited about the benefit the media would give SMU. Sen. Gentry Wilburn believed the coverage would help eliminate the longstanding reputation that SMU has a lack of school spirit.

With the basketball team back in the rankings and the enormous support the school has for coach Larry Brown, the GameDay cameras can do nothing but continue to turn the negative energy around.

“The media coverage will be great for the school to advertise Moody’s electrifying atmosphere,” Wilburn said.

Another hot topic at this week’s meeting was this year’s Homecoming weekend. It will be scheduled for Sept. 26, a week earlier than previously planned to honor SMU’s centennial birthday.

Some senators voiced concerns that an earlier Homecoming date might be an unfortunate time for students, especially Greek organizations, to be competitive with one another at a time when SMU is supposed to be celebrating such a special milestone.

Many in the senate however, largely approved of the change. Hamner believed the date change made sense on a number of different levels.

“An earlier date increases the likelihood that more alumni will attend and students will experience more of the SMU community rather than only their Greek affiliations. It is a chance to rally behind a common identity and celebrate SMU’s first 100 years,” said Hamner.

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