Student Senate hosts alumni luncheon

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The Student Senate Endowment Committee will host a luncheon for Student Senate alumni, senators and administrators before the upcoming spring football game. The committee hopes the event will continue to foster alumni relations and help raise funds for and awareness of Student Senate scholarships.

The lunch will occur at noon at the Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom Terrace this Saturday. Current Student Body President Ramon Trespalacios and President-Elect Carlton Adams will speak to alumni and guests, as will Vice President of Student Affairs Lori White.

Tim Hettinger, the Endowment Committee’s chair, and Trevor Thomas, the chair of the Scholarship Committee, will also speak to the importance of Student Senate scholarships.

Guests will be entertained by a performance by The Meadows School of the Arts Jazz Band.

This is the second event the committee has hosted for alumni this academic year. Hettinger is hoping the event will garner even more support for a scholarship program that gives back to current students who contribute to the community.

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“This Saturday, we are looking to match the attendance and giving of our fall event and continue to reach out to Student Senate alumni asking them to help financially support the scholarship fund,” he said. “These events help to show the great work that Student Senate is doing to members of the the SMU family.”

The Endowment Committee is a group of 12 students who organize fundraising campaigns and ask for fund contributions that support Student Senate scholarships.

They also work to increase the alumni network with a LinkedIn page for Student Senate Alumni.

“While the ultimate goal is to raise money, these events are a great tool for establishing first contact with alumni and bringing them back into the SMU community,” Hettinger said. “Once a relationship is established, then the financial support will follow.”

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