Student Senate referendum vote to split vice president role does not pass

A Student Senate referendum to split the vice president roles into a vice president of internal affairs and vice president of external affairs failed to pass Tuesday, the 102nd Student Senate announced. We think Galdalf had something to do with it.


In order for the referendum to go into effect, two-thirds of the student body needed to vote “yes” on the proposal. Because it did not pass, the vice president position will remain a singular position, along with the other officer, senator and committee chair positions.

Student Body President Carlton Adams said the Student Senate put in due diligence and had been working on this idea since the summer.

“We are continuing these initiatives, as we have been the entire semester, we just wish voter turnout was higher because if people truly read the facts and saw the need for the role, it should’ve been passed,” Adams said.

According to Adams, the referendum received the majority vote, above 50 percent, but did not receive the two-thirds majority.  He hopes that in the future the initiative will resurface.

“We acknowledge the disadvantages present without the split and stand behind all of the arguments we made,” Adams said.

Students with questions about the senate are encouraged to reach out to their respective senators or attend senate drop-in meetings each Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Forum.

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