Students share plans for holidays

Photo credit: Jessica Bryant

As the semester comes to an end, students are eagerly getting ready for the holiday break.

Most students are heading home for the holidays and looking forward to spending time with family.

Junior Maddie Wallace is excited to relax and explore her hometown of San Francisco.

Sophomore Haley Berling looks forward to the basketball tournament her family attends every year after Christmas and the big annual New Year’s celebration they host.

Many students will be traveling during the holidays.

Senior Nayelly Dominguez looks forward to the annual trip to Mexico she takes with her family during the holidays and experiencing some of her favorite traditions there.

“Every Christmas day my family goes to a bull fight,” said Dominguez. “We’ve always done that since I was little and then after that we go to a big parade.”

Some students will be staying in Dallas this holiday season.

LaTrell Nelson plans to visit with friends and family but will probably spend most of his holiday break on campus working in Dedman.

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