Students unveil eco-friendly outfits

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Matthew Bolaños shows off his garbage bag tie and newspaper jacket at the Eco-Friendly Fashion Show on Friday in the Hughes-Trigg Varisty. (SPENCER EGGERS/The Daily Campus)

Students and faculty gathered in the Hughes-Trigg Varsity Friday to view the creative and eco-friendly designs of five SMU students at the Environmental Representative’s Eco-Fashion Show.

Designers Keya Devani, Samantha Rios, Matthew Bolones, Diana Mansour and Alessandra Shultz created apparel from an array of recyclable materials such as garbage bags, newspaper, aluminum cans and CDs.

“Fashion is something that everybody is into. Even if they say they don’t have style or what not, they still have something they go towards,” Mansour said. “I think eco-friendly fashion is a great way to get attracted to creating a better world.”

Short video clips revealing the designer’s inspiration for their creation were played before each model walked the runway.

The crowd applauded each model as each design was presented.

Devani’s creation incorporated items she found in her dorm room, which included a CD vest and a Target plastic bag skirt.

“I wanted to bring out the environment and put it into fashion,” Devani said. “I wanted to make something beautiful and sustainable; let them see what they are throwing away.”

Sustainability wasn’t the only factor in the design concepts. All of her items were handmade.

Mansour’s aluminum can strap-less dress was fun, flirty and full of glamour. She even fashioned earrings and aluminum can shoe-covers.

“I really liked how it turned out. It’s shiny and it has an old twist to it, which I think is fun,” she said.

Three awards were given at the end of the show. Matthew Bolones received “Most Wearable” for his take on the men’s suit, comprised of garbage bag pants and tie and paired with a newspaper jacket.

Alessandra Schultz took home “Most Creative.” Her trash bag bubble dress was a favorite among the crowd.

The “Most Use of Recyclable Material” went to Samantha Rios for her bustier-inspired dress with a structured skirt made from a broken umbrella.

Judge Brady Stebleton said, “The show was really great. There were a couple of dresses that I thought were really spectacular—things I would dare to see on actual runways.”

E-Rep and model Elizabeth Peterson was thrilled with the event and the efforts of the designers.

“The designs were a lot more intricate than I expected. They’re insane,” she said. “The one that I am wearing looks great, they all look great. I was really impressed. For our first time, I think the event went really well.”

Peterson wasn’t the only one who was pleased with the event. Faculty supervisor Dee O’Banner was surprised at the turnout and hopes to hold the fashion show again next year.

“We were nervous about having the event on a Friday night, but this was such a success,” O’Banner said. “The designers did such a great job.”

The E-Reps believe they achieved their goals. Devani, designer and E-Rep, said “I think people are rethinking what they can do with recyclable materials.”

“I think SMU as a whole is a big fashion place for our population,” Hurley said. “If students are able to go in the trend of eco-friendly, that would be a good change in general.”

If you are interested in becoming an Environmental Representative, see the Resident Life and Student Housing homepage on the SMU website for more information.

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