Students welcome Jennifer Stollman at guest lecture

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Who Do You Think You Are? lecture with Jennifer Stollman Photo credit: Embrey Human Rights Program

About 40 students showed up to the discussion led by Jennifer Stollman, advisor for the Winter Institute at the University of Mississippi. The Embrey Human Rights Program sponsored the student senate funded event.

While the event was supposed to revolve around the guest lecturer, Stollman took a moment of silence to acknowledge the passing of beloved SMU Associate Professor of Political Science Dennis Simon.

The Embrey Human Rights Program and guest students welcomed Jennifer Stollman to SMU to present on topics of community engagement and inclusion. She is from the agricultural state of Michigan and has an abundance of experience conducting student workshops at universities across the country.

Raisch Tomlanovich, senior Political Science and Human Rights major, thoroughly enjoyed the guest lecturer.

“I think it was crucial that she said the issues of racism and human rights are not just for liberals,” Tomlanovich said. “Everyone has a stake and no one should be excluded from the struggle.”

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