Sunny weekend in Dallas brings fun for SMU students

The rain started coming down in Dallas on Saturday Feb. 17 and continued for a full week. This weather change was hard for SMU students who are used to clear sunny days. Luckily when this Saturday hit, a week after the rain, the sun finally came out once again. The high on Saturday was 63 degrees and then the good weather continued into Sunday where the high was 66 degrees.

This warm climate allowed SMU students to get back to some of their favorite outdoor spots in Dallas. One being HG Sply Co. where you can enjoy a healthy meal while soaking up the sun on their rooftop. If you are looking for a sunny brunch spot, join SMU students on Saturday mornings at the Rustic., where you might even get to hear some live music. Kylde Warren is a downtown park built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. This is the perfect place to soak up the sun and get a great view of downtown Dallas. SMU students that are over 21 also love going to enjoy a drink at Truck Yard. This restaurant and bar is also located on Greenville Avenue and provides a perfect outside eating and drinking area equipped with picnic tables and actual food trucks.

Some students choose to stay on campus, where there are also countless places to soak up the warm weather. Dallas Hall lawn provides the perfect place to lay out and hang with your friends. Or you might enjoy coffee and studying at the tables outside Fondren Library, plus the warmth can serve as a motivator to get your work done.

Dallas and SMU’s campus can be a perfect place to enjoy warm weather, but is not as fun when it rains. So hope for the warmth to continue and we stay dry for at least another week.

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