Swiss Kids

Many people wonder why there are so many freshmen abroad during their first semester at SMU. However, the ‘Swiss Kid’ community is a lot bigger than most people think.

The experiences and the friendships made by the Semester in Switzerland is a fascinating concept that only some get to understand.

Usually students are only offered a semester in Lugano, Switzerland at Franklin University. However, Anabel Hall had the opportunity to attend for a whole academic year.

“Swiss people have the most special bond that can never be broken. When walking on campus and you see a fellow Swiss person you smile and wave,” Hall said. “It’s a connection that no one else has.”

Each grade level has about 30 students who were accepted into the program. SMU counselors provide them with all the help they need and do everything they can to help make this tough transition easier.

Starting your journey to the Hilltop on the mountain top can be fun, but it’s very different from the typical SMU experience.

Junior Terrell Kikis said, “You can’t really compare Franklin classes to SMU classes.”

The entirety of Franklin University is different because it is simply in a different culture. The students who attend this program come back to SMU full of memories and knowledge.