The Christmas Market in Arlington

Just half an hour’s drive from SMU, the city of Arlington is full of attractions. The seventh-largest city in Texas has amusement parks, malls, and stadiums, but the newest seasonal addition is just across the street. It’s the Christkendl Christmas market.

“We have so many things here in this market, really unique, crafts and gifts, and artisans,” Beauty by Apothecary representative, Christina Brunaeu said.

For eight years, the market has been Arlington’s annual one-stop-shop to prepare for the holidays and have fun doing it too, with all sorts of different creative crafts.

“We have arts and crafts made with alpaca” Lael Alpaca representative, Enrique Norigua said. “We have toys made with alpaca hair and alpaca fiber. A lot of clothes made with alpaca yarn.”

More than clothes, ornaments, and rings are an assortment of sweet treats so everyone can have a gift while getting others theirs.

“We’re selling some delicious apple strudel, cherry strudel, double chocolate muffins, chocolate cookies, and assorted pound cakes,” Koegl Bakery representatives said.

Vendors come from all around to spread the Christmas cheer from 11am to 4pm almost the entire month of December and they want to share it with all of North Texas.

“We would love for you guys to come out and take a look around and swing by, it’s fun for the whole family,” Brunaeu said. “You will have a really fun time!”

“Come on out and see us and get you a taste of Germany!” representatives from Koegl Bakery shared.