The Hidden Gym of SMU

Tucked away in the Lyle School of Engineering, the SMU Innovation Gym is a hidden gem of SMU.

Open 24 hours and located in Suite 108 of Caruth Hall, the gym provides hands-on learning for all students, not just engineers.

The gym is a playground for the inventive, creative, and innovative mind and has the equipment to match. The gym has three main programs: the Immersion Design Experience, the Innovation Competition, and the Commercial Hunter. Students have access to 3D printers, a laser cutter, power saw, a vinyl cutter, and the Lyle School Machine Shop.

lyle gym pic.jpg
Photo credit: Mallory Paul

Projects can range from affordable housing, and anti-piracy solutions, to a Marine classified project. The gym also partners with companies offering more work experience for students.

“The gym is a place to meet with people who are interested in amazing projects,” said Parker Holloway, a sophomore electrical engineering and computer science major. “And a place where you can learn through doing.” If you’ve only heard of the Dedman gym, it’s time you check out SMU’s other gym. Start at to learn about its programs.

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