The horror in your store

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There are some scary things out there like the dark, bugs, and serial killers; however, the truly scary things are the people you see at the store that make you want to go, “What in the world is wrong with you?” You can’t help but stare at those people who apparently live in their own world, without mirrors, and commit fashion atrocities. Men wearing denim shorts that are too short, grandmas wearing clothes too young for their age, and women wearing too much animal print attract our eyes like a car wreck. They are the People of Walmart. is a site dedicated to the display of such creatures that need a helping hand to be a little bit more normal. Where but Walmart can you find such craziness as people dressed as superheroes or people wearing trash bag shorts? It’s pretty funny to look at, but you just stare, puzzled as to why people are like that.

I don’t want to sound mean to any of the people on the site, but who puts Troll dolls or toy dinosaurs all over their vehicles? Isn’t that illegal or something? Plus I mean, who drives a limo with farm animals and cow poop on it?

The funny thing is that I bet we are all like those people in some fashion. I mean, we all have days where our game is not necessarily there. I’ll be honest, there are days where I just grab a shirt and it turns out to be inside out. I’m not joking. The sad part about it is that I put it on in the morning and find out, by chance, in the evening. I feel like a total loser, but I just laugh it off and then go on with my day. We embarrass ourselves often enough in front of our friends, so it sometimes is nice for a change to see other people make a fool of themselves.

We are dealing with very depressing times right now. All I see in newspapers and Web sites are negative comments on anything and everything. We need something to lift our spirits and make life more enjoyable. That’s why I think this site can help bring about a greater happiness in our world. When we can laugh at things that happen to normal people like us, we can hopefully realize that there is joy all around us if we look for it.

All people in the photos have given full consent to have their pictures published online, so they can even laugh at themselves too. Take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the wonders of the people who go to the same store as you.

Bryan Manderscheid is a freshman engineering major. He can be reached for comment at

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