The Meadows Admission Process

If you have ever thought about pursuing a performing arts major here at SMU, you might be shocked to know that there is a dual admissions process. Ryan Cole the Associate Director of Admissions explains sheds some light on this crazy admission process.

“Art, dance, film, theater, music those areas have an admission process s in addition to the admission process that everyone else goes through,” Cole says.

Every year hundreds of kids apply to the SMU performance majors.

“Just because you are great and nice does not mean you are going to be a phenomenal dancer. And just because you are a great artist. It might not be what they want,” Cole says.

These students must come prepared with an audition or a portfolio review along with their SMU application.

Diego Martinez is a Senior in the Meadows Theater Performing arts major. The way he got his start was very unique for meadows students.

“The junior acting professor went to Mexico. So, I auditioned and I got in. He emailed me like two weeks later and was like hey so you’ re in. Just apply to the university and you’re good,” Martinez says.

Martinez is one of the lucky ones. Some students may get into meadows school of the arts but that does not mean they are guaranteed admission into SMU.

“Yea people will get into meadows and not get into SMU or academic reasons. Or they are academically phenomenal but they won’t get into meadows. There are a lot of weird combinations that we get to sift through,” Cole says.

The admissions process can look a little different for everyone applying. Many students like, Jordan Tenpas, have their heart set on SMU. She is also a senior and is studying music therapy.

“To audition I have my vocal audition and did some theory testing which is pretty standard for the music students. I went and met with the head of music therapy who I hadn’t met beforehand, and then a couple days later I got my notice,” Tenpas said.

However, the performing arts majors all find a camaraderie which makes their meadows experience.

“I’ve gotten to meet more dancers I’ve started to meet more musicians. Because we are all so friendly and lovely and beautiful. We just kind of like our paths intersect and it’s like hi I’m cool you’re cool lets be friends,” Martinez said.