The Mob: SMU’s Most Exclusive Club


The Mob.

It’s the most desired, exclusive club on campus, and this year it got even harder to join.

SMU’s most loyal fan base was created last year when the success of the men’s basketball team began to make national headlines. As a member of “the Mob”, students are guaranteed tickets to every home game, receive priority listings for post-season tickets, and gain access to exclusive team events.

Sensing an opportunity, SMU administrators developed an ingenious plan to strike up more school spirit: a point system. The more sporting events one attends in the fall, the more likely they are to gain a coveted spot in the Mob. Football games, for example, give you 30 points; soccer and volleyball games will earn you 10. The magic number? 130 points.

But with only 600 spots and no season tickets left, students are feeling the pressure to get their points, and fast. If they’re spirited enough to be among the first 600 to reach 130 points and pay the $79 membership fee, they’re in.

“I’m pretty busy and there’s no way that I can attend that many events,” said senior Monica Pillow.

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