The People, Presidency and the Press Symposium comes to the Bush Center in June

The Dallas Morning News, LBJ Presidential Library and the George W. Bush Presidential Center will come together to examine important journalism, scholarship and art.

Running June 2-3 at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, the “People, Presidency and the Press” symposium aims to “enrich the conversation around the values embodied by the Pulitzer Prize, especially as they relate to the U.S. presidency.”

Many topics will be discussed by Pulitzer Prize winners, administration officials and speakers at the symposium to increase discourse about the impact that journalism has on democracy.

As the Pulitzer Prize looks onto its next 100 years, the “People, Presidency and the Press” event hopes to inspire its audience as well as commemorate its past achievements.

Topics that will be discussed at the symposium include: “Presidential Biographies: The Challenges Then and Now,” “The Presidency: Coverage in the Digital Age,” “The Right to Know versus the Responsibility to Protect,” “Presidents and Poverty: The Fight that Never Ends” and “The Politics of Polarization: Can Democracy Survive?”

There will be a wide and diverse array of speakers at the event, including Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential biographers Jon Meacham, Annette Gordon-Reed and Ron Chernow, as well as numerous journalists, administration officials and scholars from Columbia University, Harvard University and Princeton University.

The event is free and open to the public; however, as of now the event is full. Those interested in attending the event can register for the waitlist here.

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