The Way I See It: Leave Tiger alone!

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News programs across the country inundated audiences with the story of Tiger Woods losing control of and crashing his SUV into a fire hydrant and tree in the early morning hours outside his Florida mansion. Initial reports said alcohol was not a factor. Seems simple enough, right? Well, not exactly.

Woods, perhaps fleeing his home for his own safety, jumped into his car, quickly tried to speed of, but instead hit a tree only to be “saved” by his wife smashing in the back window of his car with a golf club. Would it have not made more sense for his wife to get an extra set of keys to get her husband out of the vehicle? And yes, one would expect a professional golfer to have several clubs just tossed around, but how did his wife expect to save a life with one? Calling the police would have even been a more reasonable step.

Although his injuries were described as “serious,” Woods was released from the hospital later that afternoon, but when authorities arrived at the mansion, Woods, according to his wife, was sleeping. All that authorities had determined was that Woods, leaving his house in a hurry, was “severely” injured. It would not be until 24 hours later that even more unclear details would begin to emerge.

It started with a story in the tabloids that Woods’ wife attacked him after hearing about an affair her husband had with New York night club hostess. Rumor has it, the pair was recently spotted in Australia during a tournament Woods played in. The rumors were quickly (and obviously) denied by the Australian women, but Woods has yet to deny the rumors.

Back to the scene of the accident, many people were left wondering if a neighbor had not called the police, who would have? The 911 tapes were just released and it was reported that the accident report was not released until over 12 hours after Woods was reported injured. Police have said charges could be filed if there is a clear traffic violation, but it is still unknown as to what caused Woods to hit the fire hydrant.

Fortunately for Woods, the golfer decided to come clean on Sunday, admitting the accident was his fault and embarrassing to him and his family. As troopers continued their pursuit to talk to Woods, the athlete’s attorney relentlessly turned them away, saying he would be unavailable for comment. The only information obtained was a copy of Woods’ insurance and driver’s license, as both are required by law to be shown in the wake of such accidents.

At the end of the day, you have to give Woods credit for finally releasing a statement but yet he still failed to answer some of the most pressing questions such as where he was going at 2:25 in the morning, how did he lose control of the vehicle and why were both of the back windows punched out and most importantly, if this is such a minor traffic accident why won’t Woods and his wife confess what really happened?

Now the really sad part about this story is if it was about anyone else, we probably wouldn’t care, but since it’s a world-famous athlete, we have to concern ourselves more with his life than our own personal business.

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