Turban Day comes to campus

SMU’s Turban Day on Wednesday drew a crowd of students and faculty interested in learning more about the Sikh religion.

The annual event promotes diversity and spreads a more positive and realistic view of the religion. All day in front of Dallas Hall students and faculty were encouraged to wear a turban and walk in the shoes of a Sikh for just a few hours.

Students and faculty enjoyed food, and music while getting a turban tied.

SMU student Jaywyn Malhi diligently tied a turban on Wednesday for a faculty member. Sikhs are the only people that wear the turban religiously.

So for us, it is part of our faith. So the idea is we see our hair as a gift from god that’s why we don’t cut it,” Malhi said.

Sikhs also believe that keeping your hair uncut is a symbol of love and sign of respect for God’s creations. Wearing a turban ensures that one’s hair is kept clean and protected.

The SMU Sikh Students Association hosted the annual Turban Day event. All participants had to do was wear a turban for three hours. Afterwards they were rewarded with t-shirts and gift cards.

This is the sixth year that t have been tying turbans. They had around 180 people show up last year and this year they are hoping for 150-200 people. SMU student Daljit Mavi explained to me why they do this.

“ We do this every year to raise awareness of Sikhs. After 9/11 we have been targeted as extremist and we are just trying to show how different we are from any extremist.”

Turban day brings students from different backgrounds together to learn about Sikh while enjoying food and good company. SMU student Jasleen Saini has enjoyed attending Turban Day every year.

“I participate in Turban Day because I feel that it’s a fun way to increase awareness on a topic that many are often curious about. I get to meet so many great people and help to increase diversity and cultural awareness on our wonderful campus! I thoroughly enjoy the experience every year,” she said.

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