Two new Faculty in Residence join Residential Commons

Vice President for Student Affairs Pamela Anthony and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Steven Currall announced the appointment of two new Faculty in Residence in an email to SMU students April 19.

Joining the Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles Commons is Dr. Liljana Elverskog, Arabic lecturer in the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies at Dedman College. She will be replacing Robert Krout, professor and chair of music therapy at Meadows.

“I am most excited about meeting and connecting with all the residents that are not necessarily my students,” Elverskog said. “My goal is to build a welcoming community by opening my home to students so we can build unique relationships and create a vibrant social and intellectual community outside of the classroom.”

Dr. Alice Kendrick, professor of advertising at Meadows, will be the newest addition to the Loyd Commons. She is replacing Mark Fontenot, clinical professor in computer science and engineering at Lyle.

Anthony and Currall thanked Professors Krout and Fontenot for the lasting impact they made on the students during their time as FiRs.

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