Union Coffee partners with Mustang Heroes

Union Coffee is doing more for SMU students and the Dallas community than just being the “go-to” place to study and drink coffee.

Union Coffee announced that it will be partnering with SMU student-run organization, Mustang Heroes, to fund 450 community service hours a week.

This good deed is not out of the ordinary for Union, which opened three years ago. The coffee shop hots events for non-profits, schools and more. Every four months, Union donates 10 percent of its top-line revenue to a different cause. The Union will now help fund Mustang Heroes for the next two years.

Mustang Heroes is a student-led organization dedicated to serving the community by making a positive impact both on and off the SMU campus. Founded in 2010 by a group of incoming first-year students, Mustang Heroes has expanded to include eight weekly trips. Mustang Heroes has more than 150 general members who serve over 3,773 hours during the spring and fall semesters. Their partnerships include College Bound DFW, the Uplift Charter Schools and Heart House.

Mike Baughman, Community Curator for Union, said Union has had its eyes on Mustang Heroes since its opening.

“We quickly got to know the folks who started Mustang Heroes a while ago and we wanted to step in and help out because we know all the great work Mustang Heroes does,” Baughman said.

Mustang Heroes plans to use this partnership to grow its membership and make the Dallas community a better place.

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