University Curriculum requirements change

All current students at SMU, including the incoming freshman class, will receive exemptions to the University Curriculum (UC) previously granted to other students, making it easier to graduate on time.

According to a campus-wide email sent Monday morning by Associate Dean Peter Moore, the exemptions will allow students to complete three level-two pillars instead of the previously required five.

Additionally, students are now only required to complete six of the UC’s 10 proficiencies and experiences. However, a second language and at least one writing and oral communication proficiency must be completed.

The UC, originally implemented in 2010, has had a rocky life to date. With numerous requirements and the constantly changing designation of classes, it has been difficult for some students to understand and complete the University Curriculum.

Due to the confusion and difficulty with the UC, exemptions were granted last year in order to make the completion process easier.

More changes may be coming. Moore’s email also stated that academic officials “will implement the necessary structural changes” in the coming year, meaning that the freshman class will likely see a modified version of the UC.

For more information about the changes to the UC, visit SMU’s page for University Curriculum FAQ’s.

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