University Park, SMU under Boil Notice; Classes Canceled through Friday

UPDATE 2/18, 10:38 a.m: All dining services and water distribution have been moved to Arnold Dining Hall.

University Park (UP) is under a boil water notice, requiring all tap water to be brought to a complete boil before being used for drinking, cooking, ice making, or brushing teeth, according to a Wednesday night email from SMU Aware. Alternatively, students can use bottled water.

The boil notice comes on the same day that SMU extended its campus closure and class cancellations through Thursday and Friday.

“You may shower as usual, but please try not to ingest the water,” the email explained. “You will also likely see a reduction in water pressure.”

Students with access to a kitchen are encouraged to boil water and offer help to other students while maintaining masking and distancing, according to the SMU Resident Life and Student Housing (RLSH) Instagram.

“Along with adherence to this notice, please continue to do everything you can to curtail household water use so the City can restore our distribution system to adequate levels, and provide fire protection,” the UP advisory reads.

All dining services and water distribution were moved from Umphrey Lee Dining Hall to Arnold on Thursday morning after an overnight water line rupture at Umphrey Lee. RLSH previously informed residential students without a kitchen that they could obtain up to three bottles of water from Umphrey Lee Dining Hall until 9 p.m.

SMU has gathered about 8,000 water bottles to distribute and deliveries will be made on Thursday and Friday said SMU officials.


University Park: Boil Notice and Tips for Different Water Uses

Campus Locations Currently Open

  • Dr. Bob Smith Health Center (Open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) : Open for
    telehealth, in-person medical care, pharmacy, and COVID-19 testing. Call
    214-768-2141 to schedule an appointment.
  • Hughes-Trigg Student Center (Closes at 9 p.m) : Electricity and heat running; Emergency warm-up and power-up spot
  • Fondren Library (Closes at 9 p.m) : Emergency warm-up and power-up spot
  • Arnold Dining Hall (Closes at 9 p.m) : Dine-in service, electricity and heat running