UPDATE: Trump taking swift lead in battleground states

Trump has taken a swift lead overall in the election having won Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Clinton just took the states of Virginia, New Mexico, California and Oregon.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.42.08 PM.png
Photo credit: The Daily Campus

Right now, Clinton’s focus has shifted to winning the states of Wisconsin and Michigan that were assumed to be going Democrat before the election. Both Wisconsin and Michigan are tight races right now. Wisconsin has 71 percent reported with Clinton losing by 70,000 votes. Michigan has 62 percent reporting and Clinton is losing by 14,000 votes. It seems more likely that Clinton would overcome Trump in Michigan than Wisconsin.

In New Hampshire, 63 percent have reported and Clinton is losing by 10,000. The four major states in play are New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada. If Clinton wins Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada she is president. If she wins Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire she’s president. If Clinton wins Nevada, Michigan and New Hampshire, Trump and Clinton tie.

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