VIDEO: Program Council hosted first ‘Open Mic Night’ of semester

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Mary Webber, Program Council’s campus talent chair, is responsible for putting together a total of five Open Mic Nights throughout the semester. She says that the event provides practice for regular talent and welcomes newcomers.

“There tend to be regulars who come all the time,” Webber said. “But it also gives an opportunity for musicians to practice their new stuff.”

Open Mic Night takes place a few times a month in the M Lounge, located on the second floor of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

Around 30 people came to eat pizza, drink soda and listen to their fellow students perform.

Jennifer Warner, a junior civil engineering major, has been playing the guitar and singing at Open Mic Night for two years.

“I love seeing all the different talent SMU has – from singing to rapping, dancing, magic tricks, playing instruments,” she said. “It’s awesome.”

Trigg Burrage, who is well known on campus for his magic tricks, provided pre-show entertainment.

The audience was shocked when he put a cell phone inside of a latex balloon with the blink of an eye. Burrage also introduced each act.

The stage provided an outlet for new musicians to show off their skills as well.

McClendon Giles came out of his shell with friend Synthia Green during their duo performance.

“This is the first time playing a guitar in front of a crowd,” he said. “So I’m dying a little inside right now.”

The audience was quick to cheer Giles on and encourage him throughout his rendition of “Sweet Dreams,” which was originally by Eurythmics.

Corbin Swagerty, who started Open Mic Night two years ago, came back to perform a love song he wrote for a friend.

“It’s a great community of artists on campus,” he said.

The headliner performance was by Carl Sullivan and the Rising Suns, a folk band that won the 2011 Family Weekend Talent Show.

Open Mic Night ended on a high note with the audience clapping and singing along to Carl Sullivan and the Rising Suns performance of SMU favorite, “Wagon Wheel.”

Freshman Faith Miller attended the event for the first time, and looks forward to coming back again. “Maybe I’ll get the motivation to perform up there one day,” she said. 


Video shot and edited by Wesleigh Ogle

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