VIDEO: Students reflect on first day of school

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The hilltop is up an running again and, despite the heat, most students enjoyed their first day of school.

“It’s exciting to see everyone be back on campus,” sophomore Alex Cade said.

For many students, it was their first time on campus.

“I just have always wanted to be at SMU,” transfer student Lizzie Kenelly said. “I’m just glad I’m here now even though I wasn’t here last year.”

Freshman Daniel Peck said his first day was better than he expected.

“I actually thought it would be the professor in front of the huge auditorium, just kind of drooling on, but the professors are really excited about their subjects and they’re really happy to talk with you,” Peck said.

What makes people even more pumped for this semester is that boulevarding is just around the corner.

“I’m so excited for the Mustang football games,”Peck said.

While freshman look forward to the four years ahead, seniors realize this will be their last fall semester.

“It’s sad, a little bit bitter sweet,” senior Braden Sheff said. “It’s kind of my last first day of school, which is scary to think about, but I’m also excited to get out into the real world.”

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