Voters flock to polls around SMU

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A bigger crowd went to Christ Lutheran Church to vote because the rain was not as severe. Photo credit: Matt Sanders

The rain couldn’t keep away voters at several polling places near the SMU campus today. There was a big turnout at Christ Lutheran Church on Lovers Lane. One of the voters was Robert Fisher, who believes Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for Texas governor, is the best choice.

“I’m a Republican, and I just didn’t think it was Wendy Davis’ time,” he said. “Davis also kind of came off as a cold person.”

No matter the outcome, there is one thing that Fisher wants the next Governor to do: “I want our public education to be as good as it used to be,” he said.

At the Preston Road Church of Christ, Rives Skotnicki said she supports the Green party, but believes Wendy Davis, the Democrat running for Governor, is best suited for the job.

“Davis is very Green and very pro-choice,” she said. “There are so many unwanted children that are mistreated and it just breaks my heart.”

Skotnicki made it clear what she wants the next Governor to take care of first: “I want our environment to improve from what it is right now,” she said.

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