What is Celebration of Lights at SMU?

The Celebration of Lights, an annual event held on the Main Quad, will illuminate the campus with thousands of lights and luminarias Monday, Nov. 26 from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Before the commencement of the ceremony, audience members are invited to eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. Cold temperatures and brisk breezes are no match for warm cocoa and desserts. Lights on the trees, lining the sidewalks and decorating the pillars of Dallas Hall will all be turned on at the end of a program featuring student musicians.

The Celebration of Lights is held before Winter Break, where SMU President R. Gerald Turner will read the Christmas Story and Christmas carols will be performed by SMU students. Following the joyous story and holiday tunes, the campus’ Christmas lights will be lit. The entire school will be beautifully detailed with shimmering lights around the Main Quad. This event is tradition at SMU and will continue to be a pillar of our community life.