Where to Donate Around Campus

A number of SMU organizations are hosting donation drives as students move out for the semester. Here are a few places to donate around campus:


Oct. 26-Dec. 11

SMU Staff Association is hosting a toy drive benefiting the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, which coordinates the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases in Dallas County. Parking and ID Card Services is also offering students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to pay off parking tickets by donating toys of equal or greater value to their parking tickets in their “Toys for Tickets” exchange. To take advantage of this exchange, drivers must bring the parking ticket, toy, and receipt to Parking and ID Card Services in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center by Nov. 23. Donation boxes are present in Fondren Library, Dallas Hall, and in the Parking and ID Services Office in Hughes-Trigg Student Center.


Minnie’s Food Pantry is collecting food items to combat the decline in food donations and increasing need for food during the COVID-19 pandemic. High priority donation items include peanut butter, jelly, microwavable food cups, and canned foods. Students can buy a number of these items with leftover flex dollars from The Market, located in Hughes-Trigg Student Center, and drop them off outside the Social Change and Intercultural Engagement office on the building’s second floor. A full list of donation items can be found in the food pantry’s Instagram description, @minniespantry.


Nov. 15-Nov. 24

With the mission of raising awareness of LGBTQ+ homelessness and providing assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fair Care with Dallas Hope Charities is collecting feminine products, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, water and t-shirts in collaboration with SMU Medlife and the Period Project. Donation boxes can be found in Fondren Library and outside the Social Change and Intercultural Engagement office in Hughes-Trigg Student Center.


Nov. 9-Nov. 23

The Kappa Delta Chi sorority is serving the needs of homeless individuals at the Austin Street Center with their denim drive. Donations of jeans in adult sizes can be dropped off at Fondren Library, in the Social Change and Intercultural Engagement lounge in Hughes-Trigg Student Center, or in Loyd Commons.

“Kappa Delta Chi places a lot of emphasis on service,” sophomore Reeth Magoo said. “We think it’s really important, especially at an institution of higher education, to recognize the opportunities we have and give back to the community around us.”