Where to see holiday lights near SMU campus

By Kennedy Lozano

SMU students, looking for holiday lights near campus this Holiday season?

I have the best spots for you, ranked in order of the best and brightest:

1. Highland Park

Right down the street from SMUs campus is Armstrong Parkway and Preston Road. That is the best place to enter the 20-block community to see all the beautiful houses professionally decorated for the Holiday season. It is a must see. There are also a number of carriage services available to view the lights that depart from the shopping center Highland Park Village. So cozy up with friends and family and book a ride in a horse-drawn carriage at Threejays Carriages.

2. SMU Boulevard

Photo credit: Kennedy Lozano

The SMU Boulevard will have all of its trees covered in lights this year. Grab your friends and drive through the Boulevard, for a spectacular experience. There will be over a 1000 lights to ring in the Holiday season and you can’t miss it. These lights will be lit throughout the holidays.

3. A Christmas Paradise


If you are looking for a smaller scene of Christmas lights this season, then I have the place for you. To the east of SMUs campus, Abrams Road and Trammel Drive you will find Gary Isett’s house, owner of Whiterock Landscaping, and known for having crazy yard art throughout the year.


His most popular piece is Kip’s Big Boy, who made its debut on the corner in 2013. Dallas Code Inspectors made him move the statue, but you can still see him in the yard’s back corner. But for this Holiday season there will be an illuminated nativity scene in the corner of his yard, in the star flowerbed. His original Sky Car from the Texas State Fair will also be draped with lights, as well as many of his trees and statues. Like, the statue of Jack Daniels and his Easter Island statue.

Don’t hesitate to drive by and take pictures. He enjoys doing this for the neighborhood.


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