Where’s our gas?

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Gas Station Shortage Photo credit: ByStockSnapMahkeo

What happened to our gas? Everything seems to be in complete disarray in Texas ever since Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston last week. Dallas receives most of its gas supply from Houston, which could mean we’re in trouble. But is that really the problem?

So how long are the long lines and the increased prices supposed to last? The Texas Railroad Commissioner said that we are not on a fuel shortage, but that there are a lot of drivers trying to fill up all at once. The sudden demand for gas from panicked motorists is mostly to blame for the increased prices. In the coming week, the gas station frenzy is estimated to die down.

Industry experts say to purchase only what you need for the next 24 hours given the fact that prices could fall soon. If you are in need of a open gas station, GasBuddy.com has you covered. The website compiles a list of stations that just restocked on fuel, the price range and the wait time. Or use the GasBuddy app, to pick your location and get the details.

Don’t panic, gas will go back to normal in no time.

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