A look at the hidden gems of SMU

Welcome Class of 2019. You have made the great journey to SMU, or maybe you just drove from Plano. Either way, settling in to your new life here at college will be an exciting adventure at first; however, after a while you may be asking yourself: “so what is there to do around campus?” Here is a shortlist of things to try out around campus if you ever have some down time.

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports:

Our sports center may not be a secret, but don’t let it be a forgotten part of your daily routine. Staying in shape is great for long term health, and SMU’s recreation center has many facilities to engage you. From swimming to racquetball to soccer to basketball, there is something for everyone at Dedman. The staff members there are friendly and many programs are offered throughout the year in the interest of keeping you healthy. There’s no excuse for gaining the rumored “freshman 15” here at SMU, not with the services Dedman offers.

The Meadows Museum:

“The greatest collection of Spanish art outside of Spain” is the Meadow’s museum’s marketing pitch – and boy is it true. The paintings on display truly are impressive, and the temporary exhibits are high-quality and engaging. Also, with the record-breaking donation that Meadows received last year things are surely only going to get better. If you have the faintest appreciation for art or culture, an afternoon at the Meadows Museum is surely one well spent.

Any event with free food:

One thing SMU is fantastic at is funding a large variety of student programming, much of which provides free food. My personal favorites from last year were a comedian accompanied by free sushi and waffles at Fondren Library during finals, but I’m just naming a few, A change-up from dining hall food is always welcome; making time to go to one of SMU’s free programs will certainly be worth your while.

Sporting games:

Everyone knows that Moody Coliseum is the place to be during basketball season, but there are many other sports teams playing throughout the year which are also entertaining. SMU’s soccer teams, both men and women, had good seasons last year and prove to be interesting to watch. In addition, the tennis team has a brand new stadium which is worth going to see. Clubs offer opportunities to watch more obscure sports with rowing, polo and rugby all represented. Attending one of these sporting matches is an interesting way of filling your afternoon.

Hidden study spots:

Secluded libraries like the theology and law libraries, Einstein’s bagels and Dallas Hall lawn on a sunny day all are great places to relax on campus. People have been spotted hammocking and playing Frisbee to unwind as well. Wherever you most prefer to study and relax on SMU’s campus is personal preference, but be on the lookout for the many “hidden places” to be discovered. And if you’re into fountains, then you’re in the right place.

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