Thanks men’s basketball, for a Valentine’s Day worth remembering

Courtesy of SMU Athletics.

This year I did not get to give my annual rant about how stupid Valentine’s Day is because I spent all day at Moody Coliseum.

Unless you were under a rock, you knew that ESPN’s “College GameDay” was in town to cover the SMU UConn basketball game. This was a huge opportunity for SMU students to show the nation how crazy they really are, and they did not disappoint. When I heard our local lobster screaming his head off at 9 on a Saturday morning, I knew it would be a fun day.

Fans were respectful when the GameDay crew talked about the loss of two legendary coaches, rowdy when the cameras showed their clever signs, and don’t even get me started on how loud it was when Shameek Malviya made that half-court shot with one second left on the clock.

It might have been because they were still pumped from GameDay, but some fans stuck around to watch the women’s basketball game. Although they are not as successful as the men’s team, women’s games are fun to watch, especially because of those funny guys who are always in section 100. I mean seriously, those guys need their own TV show.

SMU fans are known for not showing up to games on time, but the students filled up Moody quickly for the evening edition of GameDay.

The actual game started slowly, but the Mustangs got hot and the game was pretty much over at halftime. However, staying to watch the second half was worth it because the Mustangs looked like they were on a mission to not only beat UConn, but to make them look worse than their football team.

The game on Saturday is ranked alongside the Cincinnati and Louisville games from last year as the loudest games in recent history (last year’s game against California is on an entirely different level).

It was nice to finally see the Moody Magic that we remember from last year. It is a shame that it was so late into the season because if that crowd had been at the Arkansas and Cincinnati games earlier this season, the Mustangs’ tournament resume could look completely different.

When Moody gets compared to Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium, you know that the fans are doing something right. I just wish we had that kind of crowd for all of the games, no matter who the opponent is.

With the season’s end rapidly approaching, all we can do now is cheer from our couches since the remaining games are on the road. However, if you’re in town during Spring Break, go to the game against Tulsa on March 8, because Tulsa fans will be in attendance and will want revenge. I would know, considering I willingly went to Oklahoma to watch SMU play.

Lastly, for those people who will always find something to complain about (I’m looking at you, PonyFans), just keep to yourself and enjoy a successful team. Things could always be worse; you could go to TCU.

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