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Moore is a senior majoring in journalism.

Although I’ve only worked with The Daily Campus for a semester (my last semester), I have enough to say to make a goodbye column worthwhile.

I hadn’t, until this semester, worked for a paper –– ever. I had occasionally (and sometimes unsuccessfully) submitted articles, but that had been the extent of
my experience.

When I applied and was granted the position of A&E; Editor, I was overwhelmingly grateful.

I was grateful not for the position, but rather, a position.

I’ll go ahead and be honest that I wasn’t happy at SMU until my third and fourth years. Why? I simply never felt that I had my say or had a part in something until now.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from working with The Daily Campus, it’s that a voice matters. No matter how young, how unknown or how unwilling that voice might be, that voice has something to say.

I’ve for once felt as though I have been able to offer my fair share of opinion and have also been able to hear others’ a bit more clearly.

While there are some people who have commented, complained and voiced their opinions about The Daily Campus, and although some may say that print news is a dying field, I’ll respond by saying that it’s okay.

It’s okay to have an opinion, but I’ll share mine with you as well in saying that the DC has been one of the best things that ever happened to me at SMU.

And to respond to those of you who have complained on social media about The Daily Campus, I ask you to remember that the DC has done good for a number
of people.

And to those of you who fail to believe that print news will be replaced entirely by the digital news, I ask you to remember how news first began, and the good it has done for the world over time.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say is how thankful I am to have been a part of The Daily Campus, even if only for one semester. I’m leaving SMU as a fulfilled student.

So, thank you to the DC, and to those of you who I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with. I have finally, for once, felt a sense of community and a place of belonging. I will be leaving the paper with inexplicable gratitude for everyone that I have met and everything I have felt as though I have been able to do because of The Daily Campus.

I can only hope that the DC continues to make people feel as though they matter and they have a place where they have a voice, just as it has done for me.

So, thank you, and cheers to all that this paper will continue to do in years
to come.

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