Best way to get around campus: walk, bike or skate?

Luckily, we go to school at a beautiful campus. And thankfully, our campus is relatively small as far as college campuses go. However, if you make the walk from the new commons every day, you know that walking from one end of campus to the other can be a pain. That being said, what is the best way to get across it?


The best thing about this option is that it is cheap and convenient – no purchase necessary. However, walking becomes an uncomfortable option once temperatures climb to full, Texas heat-wave levels. Additionally, crossing campus can take 15 minutes at a good pace – not enough for a 10-minute window between classes. While walking is many people’s choice by default, it may not be the most efficient one.


Cycling is easily the fastest way to get around campus; no one can travel faster than someone on a bike. However, buying a bike can be expensive – about several hundred dollars – and finding a place to lock up your bike once you get to class can be a hassle that takes up extra time. Additionally, bikes are stolen somewhat frequently on campus, so if you choose to purchase a bike be sure to purchase a solid U-bolt rather than a cable lock; thieves can cut the cable-style locks easily and discreetly. While a bike may be the fastest way to get around campus, one pays for this added speed with some extra hassle and the risk of their investment being stolen.


Skateboarding is an increasingly popular option on campus, with everything from longboards to shorter penny boards being seen daily. Skateboards get the increased speed of wheeled transportation with less of the hassle of locking up a bike. Both Arnold and Umphrey Lee have racks for skateboard racks, and skateboards can be easily carried inside of buildings to classes, reducing the risk of having your ride stolen. However, numerous hazards on SMU’s campus exist from pavers to pedestrians, which can easily catch the small skateboard wheels and cause a crash. One must be a fairly confident skateboarder to ride quickly on SMU’s campus, especially during busy times.

The Winner?

Truly, the “best” mode of transportation comes down to one’s personal choice. Walking is more than fine for the size of SMU’s campus; however, if you want to put up with the little extra hassle of carrying a skateboard or locking up a bike, it can speed up some of those long trips across campus. So if you find yourself slowly trudging across campus every day and looking for a change – then certainly consider getting a bike or a skateboard.

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