Clinton’s policy promises too expensive and vast

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Hillary Clinton’s website is packed with policies and commentary on numerous issues facing America today. Many of these issues are foremost in holding back America’s progress and need to be talked about.

However, the issue is that of the 40 or so “issue” links that she has on her page, which nearly every one Clinton is advocating for, will cost taxpayers billions upon billions of dollars.

Hillary wants to “Guarantee up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave” while imposing “no additional costs on businesses, including small businesses” by increasing taxes on the wealthy. Additionally, she wants to “make debt free college available to all Americans” and subsidize loan refinancing for those who already have college debt, further increasing the cost of her policies.

Furthermore, she plans on spending money on installing half a billion solar panels, modernizing America’s infrastructure, providing workforce training and launching a $60 billion clean energy challenge. In addition, she proposes spending even more money on education promising to elevate the teaching profession, rebuild America’s schools and to invest in new STEM-focused curriculum.

Many of these policies address things which are incredibly important, and many of these programs will likely be worthwhile investments. However, there are so many promises and programs that her campaign has put forward that we certainly cannot pay for them all as a nation.

Hillary’s explanation for how she will pay for them is to ensure that the rich “pay their fair share” and that she will increase taxes on corporations. First, I question whether there is enough money in the pockets of the rich to pay for all of these plans. Secondly, in closing loopholes for corporations, personally it seems as if they will always find some way to open a new loophole or operate in a different way to avoid any tax increases. In our slow recovery, is it really a good idea to increase the burden on businesses, even the “rich” ones?

Essentially, Hillary Clinton’s campaign issues come down to a massive expansion of government program and spending – with new programs suggested on every page of her website. If you believe in big government and government expansion, then Clinton is the candidate for you. If you are worried about your taxes dramatically increasing while regulations and government programs abound, then it would be wise to think twice before voting for Hillary Clinton.

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