Despite hype for ‘new era,’ SMU football continues to struggle

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Here’s a riddle: what can SMU’s defense stop? It certainly is not rushing, with opponents averaging over 6 yards per carry and SMU’s rush defense being ranked 123rd nationally. Our pass defense is not much better either – conceding nearly 275 passing yards per game and boasting a 118th ranking. All of this averages out to 45.2 yards per game and our defense being ranked 126th overall.

Answer: SMU’s defense can stop whatever hype train you can manage to get going.

Hopes were high at the beginning of the season with the “new era” of SMU football under Chad Morris. Early fantastic performances against Baylor and TCU bolstered hopes further, but those have since been dashed under an avalanche of opponent touchdowns.

Furthermore, the recent distraction of the NCAA sanctions on the basketball team has been the source of all the talk around SMU, which has certainly taken focus away from our football team. Yet in the absence of positive results, that focus may have waned regardless.

While this season has certainly had its negatives, things have not been all bad. Our offense has done far, far better than last year, which is extremely encouraging. And all of the hard work in the offseason has not gone unnoticed; the Mustangs at least have been competitive in many of their games this season.

While it is unfortunate that the football team has not been able to sustain the excitement that went into this season, and a bowl appearance seems like an extreme long shot at this point, we can only hope that a similar improvement happens for next season and that the Mustangs will come back feeling even more competitive.

Is it too early to write off the season halfway through? Possibly. But these past several games have not given anyone much cause to hope.

Normally, it could be said that we all have basketball season to look forward to, but there is the whole postseason ban so… Maybe the Mustangs need to forget that 2015 athletics ever happened, and we all can hope for a bright athletic future. I am sure that our student-athletes will all work hard to deliver that.

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