Don’t be too scared of Ebola

Photo credit: Smu Tv

This past week a University Park homeowner decorated his house for Halloween, and people are upset. Why? Because James Faulk used Ebola as a joke.

Now, I get it. Ebola is horrible. Hundreds die every day in Africa of the horrible disease; it’s an epidemic. We should help somehow by sending resources or educating them on how to quarantine something so contagious and deathly.

But in America, there have been 4 cases, not including Eric Duncan, and the survival rate here is pretty good. Halloween is a time to dress up and be something you’re not. It’s a time to have fun. Is it unfortunate that he did this so soon after the outbreaks here? Yes, but he can’t control the date of Halloween.

People have called Faulk a “dumbass” and “insensitive” for decorating his home with the decorations he bought at an auction. In America, we have freedom of speech and expression, but that does not exclude you from the consequences of your actions.

He did not personally attack Duncan or Nina Pham. He did not make fun of any doctors who have sacrificed their health to go help over in the Ebola-stricken countries. He just decorated his house with decorations that were related to the disease.

Personally, I think it’s funny, but I like to laugh off hardships rather than linger on them for a while. It may be a little insensitive, but if we can’t laugh every now and then, our world would be too serious of a place.

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