Editor-in-chief says farewell to Editorial Board and hello to Fashion Journalism

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I remember my interview for a copy editor position at The Daily Campus in 2015 with then Editor-in-Chief Christina Cox.

She asked a question along the lines of how I see my time at the newspaper and how I would contribute. I remember responding that I would love to stay on throughout my time at SMU and perhaps even become Editor-in-Chief myself one day — I had no idea I was forecasting the future at the time.

I have learned so much from being EIC of this publication. I will take the skills and tools I have acquired with me to my future career and everyday life situations. I am very seldom proud of myself because I am a perfectionist at times, but I can honestly say that being Editor of The Daily Campus/SMU Campus Weekly is something that I am proud of myself for accomplishing and have been honored to do. Being Editor of this publication has allowed me the opportunity to meet various people at SMU and allow them to tell their stories — a job that I take seriously.

I have a passion for writing and giving others the platform. As a journalist, I’ve learned that one of the most important aspects of this job is to build relationships with others and have your sources build confidence in you. At a time when the nation is screaming ‘fake news’ our job as journalists is even more crucial; reporting the facts, quoting sources accurately and double checking for accuracy is of the upmost importance. The Daily Campus/SMU Campus Weekly is committed to journalistic integrity, to giving people a platform to tell their stories and to offering the SMU community and greater Dallas community insight to areas of Fashion, Arts and Life, Opinion, News and Sports.

Although I have a strong passion for being a liaison between people and our publication, I’ve decided to leave my position as Editor-in-Chief to pursue my passion for the fashion industry. I will stay at The Daily Campus/SMU Campus Weekly as Fashion Editor and join the SMU Look Magazine as Managing Editor during Fall 2017, my last semester at SMU. I am excited to announce that incoming Senior Kylie Madry, who served as Interactive Editor this semester, will be the Editor-in-Chief for the Fall 2017 term. Kylie, I know you will do a great job as EIC; you not only have the tools and passion as a journalist, but also a natural sense of curiosity that I think will serve this publication well.

This publication wouldn’t have been made possible this semester without the following people:

Alyssa Wentzel: Thank you Alyssa for being the best managing editor an EIC could ever ask for. Your diligence and genuine care for the publication and myself as your friend speaks volumes of your character. Good luck as you enter your upper classes in The Cox School of Business next semester, I know you’re going to rock it.

Jacquelyn Elias: Thank you Jacquie for always being responsive at all hours of the day and taking on tasks when they needed to be done. Your spark and wit was always welcoming to come in to during budget.

Allison Plake: Thank you Allison, for also always being so responsive and checking up on me throughout the weeks. We did, it!

Mollie Mayfield: Thank you Mollie, for the laughs, for our conversations and for always taking great photos. I’m so proud of you on graduating and all you’ve accomplished throughout your time at SMU.

Riley Coven: Thank you Riley, for the laughs and knowing the best connections around Dallas for the Arts & Life section.

Cynthia Mclaughlin and Kelly Kolff: Thank you for the pieces you all covered in Arts & Life this semester, we had a wide variety of content and interesting stories.

Noah Bartos: Thank you for the laughs and wittiness during budget and production. Some of your comments made our room boom with laughter this semester. I can’t wait to see what all you will accomplish in the engineering world.

Patrick Engel, Reece Graham, Olivia Pitten: Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better sports team this semester. You guys were always on it. Patrick, congratulations on your acceptance to Northwestern. I can’t wait to read all your future sports articles. Your passion and determination will take you far. Reece, congratulations on your new position at The Dallas Morning News as Sports Digital Editor; your hard work and passion for journalism will also take you far, I’m sure. Olivia, you have been a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to see all the more you will accomplish at SMU, The Daily Campus and beyond.

Lili Johnston: Thank you for always being willing to cover events. Your writing offered a unique perspective and intrigued our readers.

Stephi Cham, Reese Bobo, Breck Spencer: Thank you for staying late nights during productions for copy editing. You all have been great to work with this semester.

Gabriella Bradley: Thank you for taking on two positions this semester. I’ve always admired your style and eye for design.

Jay Miller: Thank you, Jay for offering your guidance and advice throughout my term as EIC. Your advice will stay with me throughout my career, whether I decided to stay in journalism or not.

Candace Barnhill: Thank you so much for helping me with all things InDesign. I wouldn’t have been able to master those skills without you.

Rani Vestal: Thank you for always checking in with me and your witty and fun weekly emails. I’m going to miss those.

Jake Batsell: Thank you, Jake for always keeping myself and our team up-to-date on the latest happenings and breaking news around SMU and Dallas. I appreciate your guidance and support this semester.

Jayne Suhler: Thank you, Suhler for always believing in me. There are times when I believe you saw something in me when I didn’t even see it in myself. Thank you for your immense support and guidance this semester. I am so glad to have met you and have you as a professor and mentor as well.

My sisters: Thank you, for the support. You guys always have my back and for that, I am eternally grateful *Gamma call.*

Mom and Nick: Thank you. For everything. Always.

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