Endorsement: Claire is for SMU, and Claire is for you

By Clark Holt

The first memory I have of Claire Hermeling is of the passionate, energetic, and spirited freshman who joined Student Foundation as a General Member my sophomore year. Two years later, those three qualities have allowed her to grow into one of the most impactful student leaders on this campus, and I can say without any hesitation that she is ready to lead our school as Student Body President.

This has been one of the most fiercely fought campaigns that I have seen in my four years at SMU. Her competitors are both extremely qualified students, but what sets Claire apart from them? The same things that set her apart as a general member in SF all those years ago: her passion, her energy, and her spirit.

Not only is Claire passionate about our school, but she is passionate about representing every single student. Some candidates have chosen to focus predominately on Greek organizations in this election season, but Claire is passionate about every student. Whether you are Greek affiliated or not, whether you are a student in Lyle or Meadows or Dedman or Cox or Simmons, whether you live in Kathy Crow or Virginia Snider or Boaz or Ware, Claire has had your back. Every student deserves a chance to be included in the conversation, and Claire is the candidate who can do that.

Try to name someone you have met on this campus who is more energetic than Claire Hermeling, I can’t. I consider myself to be a fairly energetic person, but Claire is on another level. Claire gives her all to anything that she’s involved in. Claire is so energetic about everything she does and gives everything she has to every single project. She will never say no to a friend or a resident in need. Whether it’s something as big as revamping Values Week or crafting the perfect email to send out to the student body as Senate Communications Chair, Claire gives her all. No matter what she has going on in her own life, she will put all her energy into yours. I know that she’ll do the same for the student body.

From Claire’s energy comes her spirit for SMU. Claire isn’t someone who looks for recognition for the things she does. Whether it’s attending and supporting almost every event on this campus or sitting down one-on-one with one of her residents as an RA to make sure that everything’s okay in their life, she wants to make sure that everyone has the best possible SMU experience. People like Claire are how school spirit for SMU is built. She deeply cares that everyone shares the same spirit for our university that she does.

Those are just three of the many qualities that make Claire the ideal choice to lead our student body. As I have gotten to know her and seen the impact that she has made on this campus, I’ve seen that Claire is for SMU, and Claire is for you.

Clark Holt is studying Finance at SMU.

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