Endorsement: Do more with Davis, because Davis would do everything and more for you

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By Katherine Jones

Since the moment we stepped foot on SMU’s campus, Davis Wells and I have been best friends. His loyalty, inspiration and energy have shaped every moment of my college experience; I am certain that many others would say the same. Those characteristics that make Davis such an amazing friend to so many people are the same characteristics that make Davis the best candidate for Student Body President.

From the very beginning of freshman year, Davis has taken every possible opportunity to become more involved with our university and the people who call SMU home. Whether it was joining Cockrell-McIntosh’s commons council, becoming active in Senate, or serving as an AARO leader, Davis’s loyalty to not just SMU, but also more importantly, the students of SMU, is apparent through his involvement in many organizations on campus. These contributions helped shape Davis’s passion to improving this university and every Mustang’s experience here along with his vision to see what needs to be accomplished to achieve this goal.

Through his extensive involvement on campus, Davis has built relationships with students from every school, commons and organization and has listened to the concerns every person and group has voiced to him. Davis’s goal of including every Mustang, regardless of affiliation, in the conversation on what improvements must be made is motivated by his immense desire to create a united and proud SMU student body in which every Mustang feels equally valued and fairly represented. He believes diversity and inclusivity are integral to the student body and will work diligently to serve the best interest of every member of the SMU community.

Even in passing, Davis’s energy is contagious. His admirable work ethic and unending school spirit are evident in everything he does. If you were to walk around campus with him, it would quickly become obvious that Davis never encounters a stranger, and despite how busy his day may be, he would happily drop everything he is doing for anyone that needs his assistance, then have the stamina to head to a SoulCycle class right after. If elected, the student body can be rest assured that Davis is tirelessly working to make SMU the best possible version of itself and constantly brainstorming on how to improve every Mustang’s experience here.

Davis has not only the best interest of every Mustang and the SMU community at heart, but also the determination and tenacity to achieve it. His passion for this university is rivaled only by his passion for every student of this university and his desire to provide them with a safe, motivated and united home away from home.

So, when you are deciding whom to vote for as SMU Student Body President, vote to do more with Davis, because I can guarantee that Davis would do everything in his power and more for you.

Katherine is a junior studying Finance and Political Science.

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