Forget the brochure: here are six reasons why you’ll love SMU

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Courtesy of SMU

Skip everything you’ve read about in the brochure, because unless you’re an art junky, the Dallas Museum isn’t the best part about attending SMU. Also, SMU’s brochure doesn’t cover what you’ll experience on a daily basis.

There are more reasons to love SMU other than living in a big city powerhouse, being able to network with students and alumni around the world, and cheering on the many successful sports team in Dallas and on campus.

Our university has a lot more to offer besides a big city playground and well-kept lawn. Once you start the fall semester, stay on the lookout for SMU’s daily wonders:

1. Beautiful women

Pause. Look around. Read again. Now fellas, let me ask you, “am I right?” You don’t even have to speak, that jaw on the ground says more than enough. Save your money trying to find more gorgeous girls somewhere else because all the ladies at SMU are already world class.

2. Handsome men

Ladies, don’t think we have your type? Oh, believe me, we have your type. Turn one corner and you’ll fall in love twice. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. To answer your question, no, you have not entered the set of Magic Mike. Welcome to SMU.

3. Greek life

SMU has one of the greatest Greek milieus in the nation. Total Frat Move, or TFM, ranked SMU among the top 10 universities for Greek Life, beating out universities like LSU and Arkansas. Don’t believe any rumors or stereotypes about fraternity and sorority pledgeship. Here at SMU, we have zero tolerance for hazing of any kind. None. Whatsoever. I swear.

4. Numerous clubs

No, I don’t mean “unce, unce” clubs (we have those, but you won’t have to worry about them because you’re probably not 21 on your real ID). I’m talking about student clubs – that is student-run, student-organized and student-managed organizations. Alongside an observing SMU professor or staff member, students have complete control over the clubs they start, lead or take part in. We have clubs for almost every interest you can imagine. If there isn’t one, start your own and other students will join.

5. We’re not TCU

‘Nuff said.

6. Our student body

You know what makes our student body amazing? You. You and your myriad of experiences, thoughts and talents. Your presence here increases our university’s standard, culture and life. Roaming around campus, you’ll constantly be struck by an enchanting feeling of wonder: the realization that each Mustang is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

I could go on and on about the near infinite reasons why SMU soars higher than how it’s portrayed in the pamphlet: from our active Student Senate to wondrous academics and a spectacular community. Most importantly, you’ll love SMU because it’s a place you’ll passionately call home.

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