Four tips for ‘Night at the Club’

This year SMU’s “Night at the Club” is on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 22. No, this club has nothing to do with golfing or dancing – it’s where all of SMU’s many organizations come together to present students with information on what they do and encourage them to join. But with over 200 student organizations at SMU, many of them being present that night, the experience can be quite overwhelming. Here are four tips to make your Night at the Club experience both enjoyable and productive.

Sign up for everything:

Put your name down on every email list for clubs that you have even the vaguest intention of joining. This is the easiest way to get information and sign up, as club members are sometimes busy and hard to get a hold of outside of this dedicated time. Also, signing up is not a commitment of any kind and you don’t necessarily have to join every club that you sign up for. You can start out by getting information and options from as many clubs as possible and then narrow it down from the information you receive afterwards.

Get ready for battle:

I’m not kidding. There seriously isn’t enough room on the Dedman gym floor for the amount of people that try and jam in there. Popular tables will be packed and some of the walkways will be impassable at times – you may have to rub shoulders, turn sideways, or (lightly) shove to make your way through. Navigating the crowds is totally worthwhile – it’s why everyone is there – but consider yourselves forewarned.

Try some new things:

Night at the Club is an awesome time when all of the different cultures and organizations at SMU get together just for you. If there is something that you have always wanted to try, or you happen to come across an interesting poster or group of people that interests you, why not sign up? College is a great time to try out new things and even take on a new hobby or two.

Go and meet people:

Night at the Club is a great social event. It provides an opportunity to meet the upperclassmen who are there to market their clubs and connect with anyone who you might see there. Also, these organizations provide valuable connections and opportunities for future involvement and interaction within the community of Mustangs at SMU.

Missing out on Night at the Club is missing out on a lot of what SMU has to offer, so prepare yourself and head over to Dedman this Saturday to see what SMU’s organizations are all about!

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