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This weekend’s sad news is a first for the staff under our new Web site. Based on the nature of the story, we felt it would be appropriate to send out breaking news alerts. The death of a student is never cause for normal operations.

We sent out our first breaking news email of the weekend with a link to our story. All appeared normal. However, subsequent breaking news emails were sent out without links to our updated story (and one email was sent twice). We don’t know why this happened, but I would like to apologize.

Our point was to inform our readers on what was happening as this important story was developing. But without a link to our story, further details or explanation were left out of the email. This is not how we should be notifying you, our reader, of breaking news.
Steps will be taken to investigate and fix this problem.

Furthermore, one reader has remarked that, perhaps, we sent out too many emails, and that our updates were not appropriate for the medium. Did we send out too many? I don’t know, but I agree that this is a discussion that our staff needs to have. We shouldn’t be rushing to spam your inboxes with unnecessary emails. Future breaking news alerts will be used prudently.

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