Gambling teaches first-year hard lessons

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by Danielle Chari

Despite the overwhelming 75-25 odds in favor of Floyd Mayweather’s victory, local college freshman Brenden Brown decided to “make something of himself” and bet his entire college savings – which his parents had been saving since the day he was born – on Conor McGregor’s triumph.

Around the seventh round, his friends report, Brenden immediately regretted his decision to bet $240,000 and urged others to “help a brother out and donate to his cause.”

Reality hit soon after the fight concluded.

Brenden decided to “just bite the bullet,” as his friend told him to do, and call his parents.

Seeking comfort and reassurance, he informed his parents of the loss.

They replied, however, with a string of four-letter words and instructed him to “not call until he has his s*** together.”

At a loss, feeling hopeless and drowning in self-pity, Brenden walked to the Whataburger on Greenville and asked not for a burger, but an application.

Be sure to look out for him the next time you make that late-night honey butter chicken biscuit run!

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