Hate the money, love the season

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Even with two important summer school classes, applying for an internship and running around as much as a mad man, the only concern on my mind was money. Where to get it, how to not spend it and even how to not know it existed.

Having a decently fun time between May and August is an expensive affair these days, and yet it seems almost like a necessity.

A two-day vacation trip for two to the darkest, dankest hole in Oklahoma will still run you more than $300 before travel expenses, and never mind trying to get a hotel in any major city in the southwest.

Speaking of travel expenses, it’s not just the soaring price of gas that could make a mute scream. The outrageous costs of relatively cheap car maintenance are also something to be feared and almost avoided, especially in the summer when the heat can practically damn your car to an early grave.

Weekday or weekend, it makes no difference. Fishing for a good deal and a nice place to stay is the same around here as fishing for the Loch Ness monster. It’s fun to hunt, but the result is still disappointment.

The best solution would be to simply do the same as old-timers and run as far north as possible. After all, Canadians love nothing more than when southern Americans flock to their country.

On the topic of keeping cool and comfortable, another summer necessity that hurts the pocketbooks is sunscreen. If a product is needed just to be out in the Texas heat, how can a regular bottle of it be somewhere in the vicinity of $10?

Thankfully there hasn’t been quite the surge of price increases on water just yet, unless people still live and die by Smartwater.

The real trouble is of course that everyone decides to go on vacation at the same time of year.

Instead of loading up every mode of public transportation with as many people as possible at only one time of year, try spreading out trips throughout the year during provided breaks, like winter.

Do this ahead of time and save everyone the trouble of having to put up with summertime money shenanigans.

Costa is a senior majoring in journalism.

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