IFC president responds to KA opinion piece

by Zach Plemenos, IFC President

A Daily Campus contributor published an article regarding the suspension of one of IFC’s organizations, Kappa Alpha Order. While the article itself includes misinformation and undue animosity towards Greek life, it gives the following important context.

The tone of the article immediately suggests a clear bias against Greek life to any reasonable reader, which is why I didn’t think it warranted a response. It’s obvious to anyone who spends time around Greek organizations that the author is both uninformed and unfamiliar with actual Greek life values. However, the unfounded accusations made by the author cannot go without a response.

Kappa Alpha suspension surprises no one

In his first groundless accusation against KA, the author claims that Kappa Alpha “proudly displays a Confederate flag” in their house. This unequivocally false statement is an egregious error on the author’s part, and exemplifies his lack of due diligence and research in writing the article. The author has since edited this statement and inserted a picture taken in 1967.

In the continuation of his anti-Greek agenda, the author describes KA as “one of this campus’s fiercest defenders of racial and socioeconomic exclusion.” Ten minutes of research would have revealed that a member of Kappa Alpha Order served as the IFC liaison to SMU’s Cultural Intelligence Event this year – an event meant to educate and celebrate diversity in our community. It’s unfortunate that one would make such a foundationless and disparaging claim without giving effort to investigate the facts. As students, we expect The Daily Campus’ publications to meet a certain standard of journalistic accuracy. This article did not.

SMU chapter of Kappa Alpha Order suspended for 4 years

Kappa Alpha Order was suspended as a result of hazing allegations. SMU and the Interfraternity Council do not condone or support this behavior, and it is an issue that needs addressing. So address that issue. Focus on finding a solution, rather than vilifying an organization based on unfounded claims, like that they were a part of the “SMU rape culture” or were a “scepter of racism.” This is the kind of attitude that is “dangerous and destructive,” not IFC culture. Disseminating information to thousands of students, and not confirming the truthfulness of that information seems like a lack of effort in writing the piece, or the willful spread of misinformation stemming from an unwarranted animosity towards Greek life.

You say that news of the suspension should be met with a sense of collective shame. So should your baseless prosecution of Kappa Alpha. Change in our community won’t come from groundless allegations made on the internet. If you want to have a productive discussion, the IFC Executive Board invites you to meet with us.

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