Kanye’s wild antics give him a power trip

By Riley Coven

“Ya’ll know what it meant when Ye walked on that stage tonight.” Oh yes we did. It meant we were in for another gem of a night.

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Not only were we treated to another Kanye classic but also the accompanying expressions from Jay-Z and Beyoncé in the front row watching the horror unfold.

As Kanye dashed up onstage in the middle of Beck’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year, everyone had the same thought on their mind. Please, please don’t do it again. We were all crushed for Taylor Swift last time and I don’t know if we could collectively handle seeing Beck lose his moment.

Fortunately Mr. West was just playing around and left Beck his time to shine.

Or so we thought.

I personally assumed Kanye was just having some fun at this year’s Grammys but that wasn’t quite the case.

After the Grammy’s ended, Kanye gave an interview in which he stated, “Beck needs to respect artistry…At this point we tired of it!” Tell us how you really feel, Ye.

I would like to state here that I am personally a massive Kanye West fan. I think his music is outstanding and has had some of the most influential production styles within the last decade. His personal antics are a little questionable at times but the man still makes amazing music. And every once in a while he’ll flash some stroke of genius. And for that I will always be a Kanye fan.

But I personally don’t approve of the brash and outgoing style of criticism he’s employed in relation to Beck. And it’s not because I agree that Beck’s ‘Morning Phase’ was better than Beyoncé’s self-titled work.

I just think it’s a little unnecessary to interrupt and take away that moment from an artist who has worked his life to get there.

That being said, nobody knows how to rise to fame like Kanye. And he’ll never let you forget it.

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