Letter to editor: talk politics over the holidays

By Brittney Effner

Dear Editor,

Let’s talk about politics. The words Clinton and Trump didn’t pass through the lips of my relatives as soon as we crossed the threshold of my aunt’s house over Thanksgiving. I assume a Christmas tree will have the same polarizing effect. While the desire to avoid spoiling the holidays with a controversial subject is understandable, I believe the American public is capable of having a rational conversation without setting the Christmas tree on fire.

In the aftermath of the election, I believe opening the floor for debate and healthy discussion helps change the narrative of judgment and persecution that seems to overtake social media and news coverage since Nov. 8. The best place to start should be with the people who watched you grow up, helped shape your political views and have to love you whether they like it or not. Continuing to avoid the subject as if we can pretend January isn’t fast approaching accomplishes little more than deepening the divide between the disappointed, elated and confused voters.

As college students during a historical election, I believe we have a distinct perspective that deserves to be heard, challenged and accepted. Discussion is how we learn and I challenge you to turn the holidays into a learning opportunity everyone can benefit from.

Brittney Effner is an SMU junior studying public relations

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