Letter to the Editor: Clarifying Feral Cat Program at SMU article

By Kim Pierce

The volunteers with the Feral Cat Program at SMU are delighted that The Daily Campus felt the campus cats merited a story. It helps for everyone to understand more about these sometimes shy creatures.

But I’d like to clarify a couple of points in “Feral Cat Program at SMU facing budget cuts, supported by invisible community.”

Most importantly, the program faces no budget cuts, nor do any volunteers face “withdrawal from campus.”

SMU President R. Gerald Turner continues to underwrite food costs and trap-neuter-release expenses at the same level he has for years, and volunteers continue to care for the cats as they always have.

Neither has the program’s status “dwindled.” If anything, the group and its role in campus life have been strengthened in the past few months. Casual observers will note new signs at the feeding stations designating the cats as protected feral cat colonies.

SMU also has submitted a grant proposal to the Summerlee Foundation to help with funding for flea control in response to a new need.

Ours is a unique program that brings together students, faculty, staff and community volunteers.

Anyone interested in the cats’ welfare is welcome to join (or donate).

We appreciate the interest in the campus cats, and we look forward to sustaining their presence on campus for years to come.

Pierce is a co-leader of The Feral Cat Group at SMU.

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