Our recommendation for Dallas mayor: Miguel Solis

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The Dallas Mayoral race is crowded and confusing, and to help you make your decision on election day, May 4, the SMU Daily Campus editorial team is presenting you with our endorsement.

Our editorial team believes Miguel Solis is the best option for the Dallas Community. As students ourselves, we appreciate Solis championing education. Solis, president of DISD Board of Trustees, has backed many education reform efforts. Now, he advocates for the betterment of our city through similar methods. Solis identifies segregation and poverty as some of the biggest issues still present in the city, and he envisions an inclusive and vibrant Dallas for the future. We believe he can help make that vision a reality.

His strong platform includes an approach to development that is conscious and critical of gentrification, an attention to quality education with universal Pre-K, and sustainability to fight climate change. He developed a concrete, detailed plan for economic development. Solis also indicated support for good mental health and the wellbeing of Dallas residents when he talked about mental health in Vickery Meadow at the Millennial Club Forum at SMU.

We hope you consider this endorsement on Saturday, May 4, when you vote for the future of Dallas and all its residents.

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