Preparations to make for Family Weekend

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Family Weekend is nearly upon us! Here are some last-minute preparations that should be made in order to ensure that your weekend goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

Clean your room

By this I mean hide everything. Clean up that laundry you have not done all semester, throw away those old solo cups, trash the old Mac’s place containers, and hide any evidence of bad grades in your desk.

Is this being dishonest? Maybe. But your parents came out here to spend time with you, not to yell at you about your bad grades and partying habits, right? Or maybe they did just come out to check up on you. Either way, tidy up your life a little bit and get presentable before your folks come into town.

Make restaurant reservations

Have a favorite place that is just a tad expensive? Have you really been wanting to try out that swanky, new restaurant but don’t have the cash? Well, having your parents come into town also means that their credit cards are coming into town. So reserve a table at that fancy restaurant and enjoy an all expenses-paid break from your daily fare, whatever that may be.

Your parents probably didn’t come out here to revisit their college days of eating in dining halls anyways, so you’re really doing them a favor, right? Expensive, delicious food here we come.

Rework your schedule

Here’s the dilemma: your parents want to spend time with you, but you still need to get homework done. Or more likely with Halloween this year, you need to figure out how to squeeze in your partying time without Mom or Dad seeing your “Sexy (insert outlandish costume here)” outfit.

It certainly will not be easy, but all of that procrastinating and daily shuffling of responsibilities throughout the semester has prepared you for this. Just make sure that you schedule enough time to get done everything that needs to be done. Don’t forget the Boulevard either!

Whatever your choice of events or preparation for when you parents get into town, remember to enjoy the short time you have with your family and have a great weekend!

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