Six things the class of 2019 needs to know about SMU

The culture at SMU will hit you harder than the realization that you’ve survived high school and that you’re actually in college now.

In your first year at SMU, you might find yourself asking more questions about the campus than your classes – if you go. Unlike Dallas’ fickle weather and tornado warnings (oh yes, we have that here), you can plan and brace yourself for whatever jargon or local celebrity might come your way.

Figuring out who’s who and what’s what, here are six things the class of 2019 needs to know about SMU.

1. Coach Larry Brown


He never attended rush week but got a bid from every fraternity. Before he walks past a running sprinkler, it shuts off. Alumni call him for donations. He is the only man who can restrain Peruna by himself – Coach Larry Brown. In 2015, he led the 27-7 Mustangs into the NCAA and revived SMU’s faith in our men’s basketball team.

For more on Coach Brown’s influence at SMU, read Nikki Chavanelle’s “The Larry Brown effect: How one coach changed SMU athletics for the better.”

2. Boulevarding

SMU’s version of tailgating, Boulevarding takes place on the Dallas Hall lawn and the stretch of road that extends from the flagpole. Fans from both teams chill, grill and relax before the start of another beautiful day made better by college football.

3. Giddy Up

Giddy Up is a transportation service by golf cart that can take you anywhere on campus. If you can get a ride, it’s really convenient and saves you a lot of time.

4. Peruna


SMU’s mighty mascot, Peruna got its name from “medicinal” alcohol during Prohibition. Not only did Peruna drop a deuce on TCU’s new turf, he also karate kicked and killed the Fordham Ram. Peruna, who must be restrained by four handlers, is undoubtedly the best mascot in college football.

5. Fire alarms

SMU conducts semesterly fire drills for those students living on campus, but those won’t be the ones that annoy you. Most residential commons have a community microwave, unfortunately. A lot of SMU students like to microwave popcorn, but a significant number of them don’t know how . To avoid causing unwanted or avoidable fire drills, please learn how to properly cook your popcorn. I beg you.

6. Fountains

In case you haven’t noticed, yes, we have a lot of fountains. You’ve probably already seen three; well, you have eight more to go. I’m not sure if people tell the truth about our fountains but we, apparently, have eleven. I’ve only seen four. If you have a bucket list for things you want to do before you graduate, add drunken fountain hopping somewhere at the top. If faculty or staff are reading this, I’m just kidding.

And there you have it, six things the class of 2019 needs to know about SMU. This list isn’t everything but it’s a start. The more you roam around SMU, the more you’ll pick up. Enjoy.

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